Hotel Reservations

Important Notice! Change of Venue and Accommodation for the 2017 ICMNM

      There has been a heavy traffic around the campus due to the construction of metro since March of this year, which is not likely to be any better in the coming August, and may cause some inconveniences if the conference should take place as scheduled in the Conference Center, West Campus, Wuhan University of Technology (WUT). Thus, the conference committee has discussed and finally decided to choose InterContinental Wuhan as the venue for the conference and accommodations for your convenience.

      InterContinental Wuhan, an integral part of Wuhan International Expo Center, is located on the riverside section of the Middle Ring, at the New Eco-city Zone of Hanyang District, Wuhan, boasting a scenic view of the Yangtze River and landscaped gardens. We hope this elegant conference environment will bring you comfortable experiences and multicultural interactions. For more information about the hotel, please download the enclosed attachment (InterContinental Wuhan) or click the link provided here,

       We apologize if this change may cause you any trouble. Hope you’ll enjoy the academic feast!

Hotel Reservations

Note: All the participants are suggested to check in at the recommended hotel for the convenience of the conference schedule. If necessary, please make a reservation at your earliest convenience. You could contact the sales manager directly. Special discount will be offered by supplying your registration information. The contact information is provided as follows:

InterContinental Wuhan酒店.jpg

Address: No. 666 Qingchuan Boulevard, Hanyang District, Wuhan, Hubei, 430052.


Tel: +86-027-84840000 (Central Office)

重要通知!2017 ICMNM会议地点及住宿酒店变更


       武汉洲际酒店位于武汉市汉阳生态新区,中环线内临江地段,是武汉国际博览中心的一部分,近阅长江,园林景观丰富。希望优雅的会议环境将给您带来舒适、多元的文化体验。欲了解更多关于酒店的信息,请下载附件(InterContinental Wuhan)或点击链接,访问酒店官网:








电话: +86-027-84840000 (总机)